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Basic Resume

This is a close (not exact) copy of my engineering resume.

Resumes are made to be very simple, in fact, they should only be one page for professional positions. In general, a resume is used to get a 'bite' from a company. The company you apply at will use the resume as a disqualifer so that they don't need to look through so many applications for a position.

Often resumes are rejected for grammar, spelling, and other careless errors. Show that you can be effective by cleaning everything up and reviewing your resume each time you send it.

You vastly increase your chances of getting a job if you vary your objective statement to fit the position you are applying for. Include company name, and make sure that the company name isn't just interchangeable. Be specific. your objective statement is really a set of goals you have in working with that company. Be creative. In 5 years you want to be a manager, right?

Always send a cover letter SPECIFIC to the company you are applying for!

Recently Updated! V.3

I hope this works well for you! If this resume helps you to get a job, please consider donating a small sum to help me pay for college.
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This template is hereby under the GPL, version 2 or later. Even so, please contribute to the author if this helps you get a job.

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2015 Calendar

This calendar is based on our original blue landscape calendar template. It is one of the styles from the printable calendar collection at Each month is on a separate tab, and the calendar includes many common holidays and observances.

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Sample Template for Memo Invoice

A good invoice is often a legitimate record that is created simply by suppliers to the firms to be able to to whom they offer companies. Throughout industrial companies it will be quite boring to make and look after the particular information from the many accounts personally. To conquer this issue numerous firms have got developed clear invoice themes that are quick and easy to work with from some word template sites.. Certainly one of these kinds of web templates will be the exceed invoice template. They are often unhampered saved on the internet and they also consist of each of the facts which might be essential for the invoice. The shine invoice template is actually personalized dependant on the necessity for anybody. A variety of characteristics similar to colour, typeface design, wording design, business trademarks and so forth can be modified. The actual template provides area for an additional items- amount of products bought or perhaps marketed, outline associated with product, volume every device and also taxed standing. In the end the software program figures the exact amount as well as relevant income tax. If however you probably know how to utilize shine then you might very easily are powered by stand out invoice template

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Basic Invoice

This simple Invoice Template is designed for service providers such as freelance workers, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, consultants, etc.

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Business card template

Standard size: 3.5" x 2", 10 cards per sheet with logo

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