Payroll Template with HR Dashboards and Pay Stubs

Payroll Template with HR Dashboards and Pay Stubs

Employee Payroll Calculator Template for Microsoft Excel® with HR Dashboards that is designed for small business. As the owner of the small business myself, I needed to have a Payroll System
to pay my employees and at the same time be able to analyze financial data. Of course before I came up with the idea of making this payroll calculator, I have created
dozens of individual timesheet templates as well as used few of well known payroll templates from Microsoft, which was a big help, but it
also was taking a long time to calculate all of it individually. I needed something much more
powerful than just a simple timesheet or a payroll to allow myself to safe some time and money.

I've decided to use the simple employee list spreadsheet, that I was using to keep track of the employees, their tax deduction and hourly rates, as a
template to create a Simple Payroll System.

The payroll template, that is available for you to download contains five parts: Employee List, Payroll Calculator, Individual Payslips, which can be printed
on the standard printer, HR Dashboards and Salary and Revenue Forecast. This worksheet works well together with our weekly timesheet template and timesheet with breaks template.

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