Blank A6 Drawing Paper

I am trying to make a set of ISO 216, ISO 217, and ISO 269 templates, so that we can have any size that we want, without having to enter in the measurements.

Even though this template is used for demonstration purposes, it can actually be used as an A6 document. I have attempted to measure it out to the correct size.

It turns out that you cannot actually attach the colour palette to the document. There is still a way to distribute your colour palette with a template. You just copy the text from the palette file, and paste it into the document, and then distribute. If you open this template, then you should see a comment in the upper left corner. The color palette text is in that comment.

[Note: it seems that 1 or more people are having difficultly finding things; check out my tutorial for more help on where the Area dialog and other stuff are.]

Here are some instructions for 3.

  1. Open the first comment.

  2. Copy the text.

  3. Paste the text into a text file.

  4. Save the file in your color palette folder.

  5. Open the Area dialog.

  6. Select the Color tab.

  7. Load your color palette.

After you examine or try this template, please fill in a satisfaction survey for me, so that I can get some good feedback, and then make improvements.

There aren't enough ODF templates out there. For more information on my attempts to create a lot of complete sets of ODF templates, read my blog entries about templates.

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Blank A6 Drawing Paper
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Blank A6 Drawing Paper [latest news: made grammatical correction in description; added link in description to tutorial on finding stuff related to the colour palette]