ISO 216, ISO 217, And ISO 269

I have provided this on my own, on a voluntary basis.

This is made for people who want many ISO sized papers in 1 place. I do not have them all, if I understand correctly, but this template contains all the sizes listed in the title and subject line. I honestly think that everybody should have it, just in case.

With this template, you do not have to go look up the correct dimensions. The paper sizes have been carefully measured to be precise, according to the sizes listed in the Wikipedia articles. All you have to do think about what size you want, and then select it from the Styles and Formating dialog.

I included the B Series & the C Series for the matching envelops.

I included 5 of the AR Series & 5 of the SAR Series for adding images and/or things that go to the bleeding edge.

If you want to adjust the margin sizes of the A Series, the B Series, or the C Series, then simply adjust accordingly. However, if you want to adjust the margin sizes of the RA Series & the SRA Series, then be careful: do not even out the margins. The paper sizes of these series, according to Wikipedia, have been rounded to whole centimeters. This means that the trim spaces of the side margins naturally differ from the trim spaces of the other 2 margins.. To adjust the margins, just add or subtract accordingly, so that the differences between the side margins and the top and bottom margins are maintained.

Here are my references.

After you examine or try this template, please fill in a satisfaction survey for me, so that I can get some good feedback, and then make improvements.

There aren't enough ODF templates out there. For more information on my attempts to create a lot of complete sets of ODF templates, read my blog entries about templates.

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ISO 216, ISO 217, And ISO 269
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Template For All Paper Sizes Of ISO 216, 217, And 269: A Series; B Series; C Series; RA Series; SRA Series [update: made spelling correction in subject, tags, and description]