Personal Budget Template

A personal budget is a financial plan that limits the amount of money that will be spent on any expenses category in any period of time (one month is the most common period).

This personal budget template is a simple template that should give you better understanding on making a monthly budget without complicated thought. In this template, the first sheet is a budget worksheet where you define your income and expenses categories and fill your budget. When defining categories, do not get confused with financial terms and do not worry about making mistakes. Try to categorize with words that are easy for you to understand. The objective of making budget is to balance your income with your expenses. The category is supposed to help you had a structural thought on managing your expenses. Your categories will be automatically become a selection category in the second sheet (income and expenses tracker sheet).

In the second sheet, there are income table and expenses table. Type your daily income and expenses based on dates. Make sure you type your income and expenses within the same month. You can see the sum of those amount in the budget worksheet. There is a budget vs income/expenses column in the first worksheet, so you can see whether you are over or under budget. Save this template with name of the month, for example January-2011. Create a new spreadsheet when you are entering a new month.

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Personal Budget Template
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