Zee File Management System with Calc

This is a "study example and do it yourself" template to manage files on your computer. The example is for PDF files but with a little study and practice, nothing can stop you to use it for files, folders, or even system files of any type. A pre-requisite to use is learning and using the freeware BulkFileChanger© from http://www.nirsoft.net/

The features of the Calc Interface system are (1) Safe Management of your files. You are not using any of the operating system file management resources (system overhead) to sort, filter, tag or navigate to your directories and files!!! (2) Custom and specialized tagging of files of any type. For example, if you are a lyricist you might want to tag plain text, spreadsheet, PDF or even a C file with genre. This is "genrally" considered irrelevant by the operating system (3) Recording, analyzing and documenting the contents of your huge drives using the full power of Calc© for tables, charts and graphs. This can be for yourself and your associates for team work (4) Plannning, Monitoring and Control of your computer at your own pace without operating system resources breathing down your neck. (5) Using hyperlink feature of Calc© without actually having to bother about paths, directory trees and stuff. (6) All this can lead you to the overwhelming question of whether My Documents, My Pictures, Libraries, etc. are really relevant when anybody can design their own file access system with ordinary Calc© spreadsheets?

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Zee File Management System with Calc
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Calc Interface for Managing Files and Directories